Our recreational coolers polyurethane products

Hikers, bikers, boaters, campers and tailgaters alike demand recreational coolers that keep contents cold for longer periods. Our family of Ecofoam® pour-in-place foam systems is an ideal solution, providing superior thermal performance and rugged durability that flexibly integrates with either injection or rotational molding manufacturing lines.

High-performance cooler insulation

With measured R-values up to 8.2 at 1” thickness, Ecofoam® pour-in-place foam contributes to exceptional ice retention rates of up to three weeks, extending recreational outings and preserving the freshness of food, drinks and medicines.

Our pour-in-place foam demonstrates excellent adhesion and dimensional stability, providing added structural integrity and lifetime durability.

Ecofoam® features adjustable reactivity profiles and densities to control flowability and ensure complete, voidless filling of complex designs. Low in-place density formulas ensure products are lightweight; rapid cure systems shorten demold times and speed up cycle times. Manufacturers are able to specify a single system for multiple cooler models.

Ecofoam® is blown with Ecomate® blowing agent, a zero-GWP formula meeting the most stringent environmental regulations, including California SB1013. It requires no Prop 65 labeling.

Foam systems blown with Ecomate® technology offer easy transition from HFC systems compared to other fourth-generation blowing agents. No permits or explosion proofing is required before transitioning to Ecomate®-blown foam products.

Foam Supplies’ global production and distribution network offers flexible delivery in totes, drums, pressurized cylinders or in bulk according to your needs.

Technical expertise for full project support

Foam Supplies staffs an industry-leading R&D team and a technical sales and support staff dedicated to building trusted industry relationships.

These experts provide valuable product, process and equipment guidance to help recreational cooler manufacturers produce high-performance products that keep food, drinks and medicine fresh over a lifetime of adventure.

Get a team of polyurethane experts on your side

Skilled technical service and sales reps from FSI help deliver the sustainable, high-performance foam solution that meets your customers’ unique requirements.