Problems we solve

FSI is the ideal partner for polyurethane product manufacturers who:

  1. Want to adopt sustainable foam systems with proven performance
  2. Require more responsive and proactive technical support
  3. Need help troubleshooting persistent product issues
  4. Want in-depth manufacturing process and equipment guidance

Polyurethane system & manufacturing expertise

Foam Supplies, Inc. delivers innovative high performance polyurethane systems and unrivaled customer support across North America and throughout the world.

Innovative polyurethane solutions

  • Premium rigid, flexible and spray foam; elastomers and more
  • Proven performance in end-use applications across markets
  • Custom blends for unique technical requirements

Ecomate: zero-GWP and non-VOC

  • HCFC- and HFC-free blowing agent on the market since 2002
  • Compliant with Montreal and Kyoto protocols, U.S. EPA and state SNAP requirements
  • Changeover to Ecomate® systems requires no major equipment or process updates

Equipment to optimize operations

  • Turnkey equipment solutions including storage tanks, dispensers and process controls
  • FSI proprietary SLUG Pro and Spritzer dispensers
  • Manufacturing and application equipment partnerships with SAIP and GRACO

Global production & distribution

  • Domestic production in Dallas, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri
  • International production & distribution in South America, Europe and Asia
  • Safe, flexible multi-modal shipping via tote, drum, pressurized cylinder and pressurized bulk tank

Technical service & support

As an independent polyurethane systems house, FSI is unique in its commitment to the high-service business model. That means our customers can expect uncommon partnership from our team before and after the sale.

What to expect from the FSI sales process:

  • Polyurethane system recommendations that meet customer requirements and are compatible with your manufacturing capabilities.
  • Equipment engineering & process guidance to help you integrate manufacturing systems tailored to meet your customer’s product quality requirements. FSI even helps specify and install foam manufacturing equipment.
  • Manufacturing trial runs to optimize your process by simulating real production runs.
  • Extensive testing in FSI R&D labs ensures products meet exact specifications.
  • Hands-on training & resources demonstrate proper use and maintenance of foam systems and equipment. Training is supplemented with multimedia educational resources.

Benefits of an FSI partnership:

  • Regular on-site visits to check process control as well as assist with dispensing equipment maintenance, chemical storage and delivery systems to ensure your operation is optimized at all times.
  • Troubleshooting to determine the source and nature of production issues and identify solutions, backed by our technical team’s extensive knowledge of foam systems and equipment.
  • Fast response as technical service reps can attend to production issues as quickly as same-day.
  • Ongoing education that supports your growth by ensuring your systems—and people—keep getting smarter.

Company values drive our success


We expect to behave with integrity.
Everyone must be treated with respect.


Environmental responsibility influences everything we do.


We will always strive to discover and will always challenge the status quo.

Get a team of polyurethane experts on your side

Skilled technical service and sales reps from FSI help deliver the sustainable, high-performance foam solution that meets your customers’ unique requirements.