Two Decades of Success with Ecomate®

Ecomate® blowing agent technology has proven to be a highly effective sustainable blowing agent, backed by two decades of extensive industry use.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Free of HFCs HCFCs and CFCs.
    A proven product in rigid and flexible foam applications.
    The system conversion process requires no new permits.

Manufacturers have relied on Ecomate® blown foams to provide industry-leading processing and product performance while remaining environmentally friendly.

Our proprietary solution of zero-GWP and non-VOC meets the requirements of all applicable environmental regulations and agreements.

Since being approved in 2002, Ecomate® is the most well-known and trusted sustainable blowing agent on the market today. Whether it is being used in commercial refrigeration insulation, marine flotation, or a large variety of other products, Ecomate® has proven to be the best in the industry.

Advantages of Ecomate® technology for your operation

  • Zero-GWP
  • Non-VOC status
  • Montreal, Kyoto and EPA SNAP compliant

Foam Supplies developed Ecomate® to stay ahead of ever-tightening environmental regulations on blowing agents. Because it is not a persistent bioaccumulative toxin (PBT), is readily biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic live, Ecomate® has negligible impact on the environment.

Additionally, Ecomate® complies with the requirements of Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, the Paris Agreement, the Kigali Amendment and all U.S. federal and state SNAP regulations.

See how Ecomate® compares to other blowing agents for environmental impact by downloading this comparison chart.


  • Rigid foams with R-values up to 8.0 down to -121⁰F
  • Integral skin foams with low core density and tough skins
  • Flexible foams with high comfort factors
  • 95% of our customers converted to Ecomate® within two years of its introduction
  • Little to no major equipment or process changes required
  • Wide processing latitudes allow a single foam system to be used on multiple production lines

Adopting Ecomate®-blown polyurethane systems requires little to no major equipment changes, no production processes adjustments and no costly up-front fees. In less than two years from the commercial launch, 95% of our customers made a seamless transition to Ecomate®.

Additionally, the robust processing characteristics allow manufacturers to specify Ecomate®-blown foam systems for a wider variety of polyurethane products. The result is an overall reduction in costly downtime.

Ecomate®-blown systems are safe, reliable and easy to use, no matter the application. Ecomate® is not on REACH RoHS Restricted Substances or Substances of Very High Concern lists and meets WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations) standards. Additionally, Ecomate® is listed as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Ecomate® is versatile, exhibiting high performance in a variety of Foam Supplies systems that meet fire resistance ratings, building codes and other industry standards, as verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Factory Mutual (FM), Intertek, QAI and other certification organizations.

  • Introduced in 2002 as the first patented fourth-generation blowing agent approved for commercial use
  • Proven effective across a wide range of commercial refrigeration, construction, automotive, furniture and other consumer applications

Our Ecomate® products

Ecomate® technology is used in our premium rigid polyurethane foam systems, including Ecofoam® rigid foam, Ecoflex® integral skin, and Ecospray® spray foam. These systems will seamlessly integrate into your foaming operation without major equipment or process changes.

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