Case study: Jamaican spray foam contractor adopts Ecomate® in HPMP

Kingston-based Seal Sprayed Solutions, Ltd. successfully transitioned away from HCFC-141b and HFC-245fa blowing agents as part of Jamaica’s HCFC Phase-out Management Plan.

Today, the firm provides spray foam insulation services with polyurethane products blown by Ecomate® sustainable blowing agent from Foam Supplies, Inc.

Read the PDF case study to learn more.

Case study: Ecomate® + hydrocarbon blowing agent blends prove effective in refrigeration

Foam Supplies, Inc. offers blowing agents made by blending its sustainable Ecomate® product with conventional hydrocarbons to maintain thermal insulation performance in refrigeration applications while reducing overall environmental impact.

View the PDF case study to see laboratory performance results.

Case study: Egyptian firm vets Ecomate® as part of HPMP

As part of Egypt’s HCFC Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP), two firms visited an Italian manufacturer to study the viability of transitioning to foam blown with methyl formate (Ecomate®).

Read their conclusions in the case study PDF.

Case study: Evaluating five-year performance of Ecomate®-blown insulation

Foam insulation is integral to the long-term performance of commercial refrigeration and foodservice equipment.

Foam Supplies, Inc. conducted three tests to investigate long-term thermal performance of foam blown with our Ecomate® sustainable blowing agent.

View the case study PDF to see the results.