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Our ecospray® closed cell spray polyurethane foam (ccSPF) systems was developed WITH contractors, FOR contractors.

It’s why ecospray® delivers on all key advantages insulation contractors told us they wanted, including:

  • Best in class yields and shelf life
  • No equipment clogging
  • Low emissions
  • Economical pricing
  • What’s more, ecospray® provides the highest insulating performance in the industry, as well as excellent moisture and air flow control, and enhanced structural stability. Ecospray uses our patented ecomate® blowing agent technology, which provides superior thermal efficiency, in addition to many environmental advantages.

    Ecomate® does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production. Plus, ecomate has been US EPA SNAP listed since 2003, making it the first and most proven alternative to HFC blowing agents. So along with superior performance compared to traditional urethanes – at no additional cost – ecospray also gives consumers and building owners what they want: high-performance insulation that is also environmentally responsible.



    From walls to ceilings and everywhere in between, ecospray® ccSPF from Foam Supplies, Inc. offers the ideal choice in spray foams. No longer does
    environmental obligation mean compromising performance.

    Ecospray delivers the highest insulating performance and climate control and does so without damaging the ozone layer or contributing to global


    EcoStar SPF

    Class 1 rated spray foam system is designed with to meet ASTM E-84/ UL listing 93 for all spray foam fire-retardant applications. EcoStar® ccSPF offers best in-class insulation, yield and performance, while offering an industry alternative as an environmentally friendly option. EcoStar® ccSPF utilizes Foam Supplies Inc. proprietary blowing agent technology, ecomate®, providing the latest in polyurethane technology to the spray foam industry.

    Because ecostar® is blown with ecomate® with low GWP, low ODP 4th generation liquid blowing agent (LBA) technology that is one of the only options for proven blowing agent technology.


    Genesis Spray

    For any Spray Foam application that needs higher density spray foam than typical 2lb SPF, Genesis ccSPF is a premier choice for your spray foam needs offering structural support along with insulating properties. While it is formulated for a wide range of applications, Genesis ccSPF is used heavily within Housing, Marine, and Commercial Building industries.

    Genesis ccSPF offers top of the line spray foam processing conditions designed with contractors, for contractors.


    Years in Business

    Proven track record of consistency, quality, & innovation

    Not only are we the largest independent polyurethane systems supplier in the USA, we have a forty-five year history of consistency, quality and innovation.  We are committed to leading the industry in polyurethane research and development.

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