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Rigid Polyurethanes

Pour in Place (PIP)

Our rigid foam systems are used in a wide range of products, across multiple industries, for a number of distinct purposes. While many of our customers choose FSI foam for its superior insulating properties, others use it for reliable flotation that meets U.S. Coast Guard standards. Plus, our rigid foam is also used by product manufacturers to provide structural support, sound dampening, vibration control and more.

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For a truly “green” product solution, we offer our exclusive ecofoam™  and ecomarine™ rigid polyurethane foam systems made with our environmentally responsible ecomate® blowing agent technology. Unlike other blowing agents, ecomate does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production. That’s why it’s been U.S. EPA SNAP listed since 2003 and will most likely meet all future regulatory requirements.

Whatever your need, you can be sure that Foam Supplies has a solution — whether we’ve done it 100 times before, or if we need to meet a new challenge for the very first time. Our experts will look at your specific application, discuss your goals and develop a custom solution that’s right for you.

If you need a turnkey solution that includes dispensing equipment, we’ll work with you to identify your options and determine the best choice for your situation. And after you’re in production, we’ll be right there with you to make sure your operation continues to run smoothly.

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