• High durability and strength
  • Smooth, consistent surface
  • Excellent workability
  • Superb compressive strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Let's get technical

Foam Supplies offers high-density rigid molding foam for boating and marine product manufacturing and repair as well as taxidermy. These foam systems combine workability, strength, durability and ideal finished properties to meet a wider range of boating, marine and taxidermy project requirements.

Rigid molding foam products from Foam Supplies

Genfoam® molding foams enable manufacturers and users to complete a wider variety of projects with free rise densities ranging from 2.0 to 20 lb/ft3 and compressive strengths from 30 to 530 psi.

Genfoam® offers excellent workability with a variety of cutting, carving and shaping tools for precise shaping and edge definition.

Our Genfoam® products are water-blown, causing no adverse environmental impact from high-GWP blowing agents. Genfoam® is available in pressurized, non-pressurized and bulk containers.

For taxidermy applications, our high-density Kit Foam provides a pristine, grain-free surface for creating mounts of all types of wildlife. It features a free rise density of 2.0 lb/ft3 and a compressive strength of 27.5 psi.

Greenmate™ water-blown molding foam has been formulated for applications where higher heat resistance is required. With free rise densities ranging from 4.0 to 20 lb/ft3, it is available in one-gallon kits, drums and totes.

Foam Supplies also provides low-pressure processing equipment for a complete turnkey solution for your marine or custom molding operation.

Kit Foam comes in one- and five-gallon containers for small marine and taxidermy applications. Order Kit Foam here.

Technical information available

Contact a technical sales rep to identify the ideal foam Genfoam® formulation for your boating or marine project.

Responsive customer support

Foam Supplies works hand in hand with manufacturers to develop innovative high-performance SPF products. Our technical teams offer critical product and process guidance to ensure the best success of your project.

Foam Supplies’ global production and distribution network offers flexible delivery in totes, drums, pressurized cylinders or in bulk according to your needs.

Get a team of polyurethane experts on your side

Skilled technical service and sales reps from FSI help deliver the sustainable, high-performance foam solution that meets your customers’ unique requirements.