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Premium Foam

Innovative polyurethane foam systems that are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and thermally efficient. We are committed to building a better tomorrow.


Greenmate is a liquid polyurethane for use in the manufacture of urethane foams for insulation, flotation, or structural applications. It is an environmentally friendly chemical, namely, polyurethane blowing agent in the manufacture of plastics, foams, and polymers.


Polecrete is an innovative expanding closed-cell urethane foam from BMK. It has been proven effective in any soil type, whether sandy, marshy, or rocky. The urethane foam expands 15 times its original volume and sets in just 15 minutes. Best of all, it’s simple for anyone to use: just mix the two bottles, shake, pour, and watch it set.

The simple two-part foam kit is lightweight and easy to carry. Once poured, it withstands extreme temperatures and easily displaces water, protecting poles from decay and damage. While other closed-cell urethane products float and degrade in water, Polecrete stays solid and holds firm even in marshy and wet areas like culverts. It even keeps groundwater clean, as the foam bonds directly to the pole and prevents wood treatment used on most utility poles from seeping into the soil.

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