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 EcomateTM offer the widest range of properties for discontinuous panels.


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Responsible Insulation

Polyurethane Foam system solutions are specifically designed for molded foamed-in-place discontinuous panels and rail production. Foam Supplies’ rigid polyurethane foam systems have been optimized for superior thermal efficiency to meet strict Department of Energy (DOE) regulations as well as formulated to exceed strict processing requirements for all types of panels.

Foam Supplies offers ecofoam® and ecostar® (Class 1) rigid polyurethane pour-in-place (PIP) systems that are widely used among Discontinuous Panel manufacturers. These chemical systems have best-in-class industry performance. They also utilize Foam Supplies’ proprietary liquid blowing agent (LBA) technology, Ecomate™, which is one of the first environmentally friendly foam blowing agent technologies. In addition to our industry leading systems, Foam Supplies is one of the few polyurethane foam chemical suppliers to offer complete turn-key solutions and technical service to integrate into any manufacturing process.

Superior Thermal Efficiency and Performance

Ecofoam® and EcoStar® offer excellent insulation values and long-term thermal efficiency when compared to other polyurethane foam systems. With the use of ecomate®, liquid blowing agent (LBA) technology, our foam systems have been formulated to provide industry leading R-value while also providing structural enhancement, sound abatement, and moisture control. All while providing a Pathway Towards Sustainability with the use of an environmentally friendly liquid blowing agent (LBA).

Environmentally Responsible

Our ecomate blowing agent technology is unmatched in preserving our environment. Ecomate has been US EPA SNAP compliant since 2003 and in commercial use since that time. Ecomate technology has proven superior to products made with CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs. Thanks to ecomate, ecofoam does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production.

Our Products

US EPA SNAP compliant since 2003

Ecomate systems are created using our ecomate blowing agent technology. Ecomate, with its zero global warming potential (GWP) has been US EPA SNAP approved since 2003, making it the first and most proven alternative to HFC blowing agents. While offering a pathway towards regulatory compliance and sustainability.

Success through Innovation

Better Products. Better for the Environment.

Ecomate foam systems aren’t just better for the environment.. they also help you make better products. Ecofoam, blown with FSI's proprietary blowing agent Ecomate, has been optimized to have superior thermal efficiency, wide processing controls, and a proven track record for success, not only in Discontinuous Panels, but also sustainability.

Custom foam formulation

to meet a wide range of needs.

Lightweight, resilient ecomate foam can be custom-made to each customer’s individual specifications for density and performance.  We can help you manufacture a high-quality, thermally efficient and environmentally benign product, in the most cost-effective way possible including panels for:

  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Doors
  • Refrigeration
  • and more . . .

Advanced Pressurized Dispensing Equipment

Our SLUG PRO is ideal for any Pour-in-Place foam application

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Equipment Solutions for Discontinuous Panel Production

Our turnkey solutions are available for a wide range of manufacturing applications including SAIP DITECH discontinuous panel production lines.

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Spritzer Start-up / Shut-down & QC Procedures

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