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Better Products, better for the environment. That’s a win-win for everybody.

EcofoamTM offers the widest range of polyurethane insulation properties for appliances, whether your concern is R value or density, our rigid foam is the solution.

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We designed an Environmentally Responsible Insulation

Appliance manufacturers rely on the superior insulating properties of ecofoam® to increase the thermal efficiency of their products, helping to meet energy efficiency standards and consumer demands. Ecofoam is formulated with our exclusive, EPA SNAP approved ecomate® blowing agent technology, which also meets all current and future EPA regulations – it is one of the few blowing agent technologies that meet these regulations and the only to have been used in the field since 2003. This technology has a wide prevalence of use throughout the industry as one of the only ‘Fourth Generation Blowing Agents’ that has industry proven technical results, but has also offered a sustainable pathway for the next generation.

Superior Thermal Efficiency and Performance

Foam Supplies appliance industry foam systems are specially optimized to meet a wide variance of applications while providing equal to or better R-value thermal efficiency than comparable 2lb foam systems. The use of Ecomate liquid blowing agent technology in our Ecofoam Polyurethane chemical system is not only proven technology used throughout the industry, but also offers increased ‘flow-ability’ when compared to HFC technology like 134A blown systems. For all manufacturers in the appliance industry ecofoam technology offers a proven pathway towards sustainability as a “drop-in” replacement for existing systems that use hydrocarbons (HCs) and hydro-flurocarbons (HFCs).

We have the track record to prove it

As the appliance industry transitions to meet EPA SNAP requirements, Foam Supplies has been leading the way in Polyurethane Foam Industry since 2002, to develop, test, and optimize Ecomate blowing agent technology to meet all needs and requirements of appliance manufactures. Ecofoam offers superior adhesion to metals and other materials, and enhances structural integrity, sound abatement and vibration dampening. From refrigerators and freezers to water heaters and more, we help companies produce better, stronger, and more energy efficient products – while giving products the Ecomate Advantage of environmental sustainability.

Custom foam formulation

to meet a wide range of needs.

Lightweight, resilient ecofoam™  can be custom-made to each customer’s individual specifications for density and performance, including factors like:

  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Superior adhesion
  • Adhesion to metals & other materials
  • Minimized environmental impact