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Our ecoflex Integral Skin foam offers superior performance compared to traditional urethanes in a truly “green” product.

EcoflexTM integral skin foams are produced with our exclusive patented environmentally responsible ecomate® blowing agent technology.

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Ecoflex™ integral skin foams from FSI consist of a two-part polyurethane system that combines a lightweight, flexible foam core encased in a thick outer “skin” that is created in one single molding process. One process in one mold can translate into faster production times, lower labor costs and improved productivity.

Depending upon the process used and your other needs, our ecoflex integral skin foam’s outer skin can also feature decorative surface finishes, multiple color options, UV stabilizers, anti-bacterial additives, as well as incorporate functional, structural or decorative substrates and inserts. Inner foam densities can range from pillow soft to very firm, depending upon the application or function of the finished product.


Ecomate meets all current and future regulatory requirements, and has been US EPA SNAP listed since 2003 to replace global-warming HFCs and smog producing hydrocarbons, making it the first and most proven alternative to environmentally harmful blowing agents.

Ecofoam systems aren’t just better for the environment… they also help you make better products. You get a stronger, lighter, and more cost effective product, while using a foam that can adapt to the appliance design that customers desire in both look and feel.


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Not only are we the largest independent polyurethane systems supplier in the USA, we have a forty-five year history of consistency, quality and innovation.  We are committed to leading the industry in polyurethane research and development.

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