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FSI is the leader in easy-to-use Polyurethane Foam kits.

We’re known for providing industrial-scale polyurethane foam components to manufacturers the world over. We are now proud to offer convenient, easy-to-use foam kits to small businesses and individual users. These economical, two-part expanding foam kits have been specially created for marine and taxidermy applications.

Hand-Mix Boat & Dock Kit

Our Boat & Dock Foam is also environmentally friendly, with no ingredients or agents that harm waterways or the environment. That offers you peace of mind knowing you’re making a truly “green” choice that helps safeguard the environment, all at no extra cost!

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Hand-Mix Taxidermy Kit

Our Taxidermy Foam is environmentally benign, without any ingredients or agents that harm the environment. That means FSI gives you a truly “green” choice in taxidermy foam – at a much lower cost!

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