• Wider density range
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Excellent elongation
  • Faster demold time
  • Zero-GWP blowing agent

Let's get technical

Foam Supplies provides customizable flexible slabstock foam systems for the manufacture of a wide range of comfort products that perform under regular heavy use.

Flexible slabstock foam products from Foam Supplies

Ecoflex™ and Genflex™ flexible slabstock foam systems from Foam Supplies feature a wide range of available densities (from 2.5 to 8.0 pcf) to meet more end-use requirements.

Ecoflex™ and Genflex™ flexible foam systems boast excellent rebound and compression set values regardless of density for a wide variety of comfortable, durable furniture, bedding and transportation products.

Uniform top-to-bottom density distribution of Ecoflex™ foam enables more consistent, reliable manufacturing of products. The system is engineered for seamless end-to-end manufacturing, from dispensing to curing to cutting.

Technical information available

Contact a technical sales rep to identify the ideal Ecoflex™ formulation for your flexible slabstock foam manufacturing requirements.

Sustainable foam systems

Genflex™ flexible molded foam systems are 100% water-blown systems and are near-zero GWP and non-VOC.

Ecoflex™ systems are made with our patented Ecomate® blowing agent, a zero-GWP, non-VOC blowing agent that offers an alternative to HFCs, HFOs and HCFOs and complies with all international environmental regulations.

Introduced in 2002, Ecomate® is the longest commercially available sustainable, zero-GWP, compliant blowing agent on the market.

Responsive customer support

Foam Supplies works hand in hand with manufacturers to develop innovative high-performance products. Our technical teams offer critical product and process guidance in support of more reliable, efficient manufacturing.

That includes lab testing and trial runs to ensure our foam systems and your manufacturing equipment and processes work in harmony. Foam Supplies’ global production and distribution network offers flexible delivery in totes, drums, pressurized cylinders or in bulk according to your needs.

Get a team of polyurethane experts on your side

Skilled technical service and sales reps from FSI help deliver the sustainable, high-performance foam solution that meets your customers’ unique requirements.