• Wider hardness range
  • Comparable to metals and plastics
  • Customizable tackiness and resilience
  • Lower tooling cost
  • Less secondary processing

Let's get technical

Cast elastomer products from Foam Supplies are widely customizable to meet mechanical performance requirements in an incredibly wide range of sectors including automotive, industrial, sporting goods, medical and construction.

Elastomer products from Foam Supplies

Foam Supplies offers Hot-Kast™ and Kool-Kast™ elastomers customizable to a wide range of Shore hardnesses, from 10 OO to 90 D.

Our elastomers provide excellent chemical and abrasion resistance to withstand scratches, tears and corrosion. Formulas can be customized to create lower-cost products with performance characteristics comparable to some metals, plastics and ceramics.

Hot-Kast™ and Kool-Kast™ systems are customizable to wide durometer, tensile strength, tensile elongation and tear strength ranges for lifetime product performance regardless of application or service environment.

Tooling for elastomer products is faster and cheaper to produce compared to tooling for metals, plastics or ceramics, enabling manufacturers to begin elastomer product prototyping sooner.

Compared to metal components, cast elastomers achieve high rigidity without requiring costly secondary operations like stamping, punching and thermal processing.

Technical information available

Contact a technical sales rep to identify the ideal Hot-Kast™ or Kool-Kast™ elastomer system for your manufacturing process.

Responsive customer support

Foam Supplies works hand in hand with you to develop high-performance cast elastomers informed by your product’s mechanical requirements and service environment characteristics such as exposure to chemicals and operating temperature.

Once we engineer the formula, we’ll run lab tests and trials to ensure the system meets your technical specifications and manufacturing process parameters.

Foam Supplies’ global production and distribution network offers flexible delivery in totes, drums, pressurized cylinders or in bulk according to your needs.

Get a team of polyurethane experts on your side

Skilled technical service and sales reps from FSI help deliver the sustainable, high-performance foam solution that meets your customers’ unique requirements.