Case study: Jamaican spray foam contractor adopts Ecomate® in HPMP

Kingston-based Seal Sprayed Solutions, Ltd. successfully transitioned away from HCFC-141b and HFC-245fa blowing agents as part of Jamaica’s HCFC Phase-out Management Plan.

Today, the firm provides spray foam insulation services with polyurethane products blown by Ecomate® sustainable blowing agent from Foam Supplies, Inc.

Read the PDF case study to learn more.

Case study: Ecomate® + hydrocarbon blowing agent blends prove effective in refrigeration

Foam Supplies, Inc. offers blowing agents made by blending its sustainable Ecomate® product with conventional hydrocarbons to maintain thermal insulation performance in refrigeration applications while reducing overall environmental impact.

View the PDF case study to see laboratory performance results.

Case study: Ecomate® demonstrates superior low-temp performance

Because it does not condense at temperatures as low as -121⁰F, Ecomate® blowing agent from Foam Supplies, Inc. boasts superior thermal performance for cryogenic service.

Common CFC, HCFC and isopentane blowing agents don’t even come close. View the PDF to see the comparison.

Case study: Egyptian firm vets Ecomate® as part of HPMP

As part of Egypt’s HCFC Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP), two firms visited an Italian manufacturer to study the viability of transitioning to foam blown with methyl formate (Ecomate®).

Read their conclusions in the case study PDF.