Our history

From a humble at-home operation…

A humble at-home operation

It started as a two-person team that believed it could do business a better way.

David Keske began his career in 1968, selling rigid polyurethane foam systems for Olin Corporation. It wasn’t long before he saw the opportunity that would define his life’s work: major chemical companies seemingly ignored smaller markets and customers, dedicating all their customer service resources to heavyweight accounts only.

The gap in service was clear. David and his wife Karen founded Foam Supplies, Inc. in 1972 from their home in Creve Coeur, Missouri. The goal? Develop innovative polyurethane systems and provide outstanding technical support to all customers.

The company soon moved to a 1,000-square-foot rented warehouse. There, Foam Supplies transferred foam systems into pressurized cylinders for customers who were simply “too small” for large suppliers or who wanted more attentive technical support for their facility.

This collaborative mentality set FSI apart right away. It also set the stage for the events that made us who we are today.

A humble at-home operation

…to the country’s premier independent polyurethane supplier

Strong growth throughout the 1970s and 1980s led FSI to build a second production facility near Dallas, TX in 1985. With more space to meet the needs of a growing industry, the innovations came one after another.

Equipment & process improvement


FSI designed the industry’s first computer-controlled “in-line” blender in 1986, significantly increasing production capacity to meet astronomical growth in demand.

FSI invented the Solvent-Less Urethane Gun (SLUG) dispensing unit in 1986, eliminating the need to handle harmful solvents and dramatically improving operator safety.

Equipment partnerships with SAIP and Graco allow FSI to offer true turnkey services including design and development of foam manufacturing and dispensing equipment.


Sustainable blowing agents

FSI was the first to patent CFC-free rigid foam technology and was the first in the industry to develop systems using HFC-134a. In 2002, the company preempted future regulatory mandates and introduced Ecomate® environmentally sustainable blowing agent technology. This was the first high-performance zero-GWP and VOC-free blowing agent on the market. With nearly 20 years in use, Ecomate® remains the most tested, most trusted sustainable blowing agent available today.

Expanding footprint & services

Continued global growth allowed FSI to add international offices in China, Hong Kong, India and Italy within the last decade.

The company’s most recent expansion includes a new Headquarters, R&D and Technical Service center in St. Louis along with an adjacent new 80,000-square-foot production facility.

Today, Foam Supplies, Inc. is the premier independent provider of polyurethane systems, technical service, equipment and process support. Not bad considering the humble beginnings in David and Karen Keske’s house in the suburbs in 1972.

Our values in action

At Foam Supplies, we hold some straightforward beliefs about life and business that drive the decisions we make every day.


  • We’ve led the way on developing CFC-, HCFC-, and HFC-free foam solutions in compliance with domestic and international sustainability initiatives
  • Customers use our products to manufacture durable foam systems with longer lifecycles, ultimately reducing waste
  • Downstream processors and end users report exceptional quality and consistency with dramatically reduced scrap rates
  • FSI offers a wide array of shipping options, including pressurized containers, that reduce exposure and create less waste


  • FSI meets customers’ evolving needs by developing new product formulas and dispensing technology to improve quality, consistency and efficiency in manufacturing
  • Big-name customers including the International Olympic Committee and global fast food chains utilize foam systems developed by FSI
  • Experienced chemists in FSI’s industry-leading research and development department create new systems and processes that move the industry forward


  • FSI makes regular visits to customer sites to help keep equipment and processes running smoothly and empower engineers and operators with educational and training resources
  • From the two-man spray foam team to a million-square-foot appliance factory, FSI offers products and technical support to everyone who needs it—not just high-volume, high-dollar accounts
  • FSI expects that its employees will deal honestly and fairly with everyone, including customers, vendors, industry partners and each other