flexible foam solutions

For the ultimate in comfort, the widest range of properties, and the lowest densities in the industry, trust ecoflex™ flexible foam systems from Foam Supplies to meet your every performance need. Our ecomate® blowing agent technology provides wider processing latitude and physical properties equal to or better than HFC blown systems – including a virtually unlimited array of comfort levels, feels and firmness options – for a wide range of industries including furniture, bedding, automotive and more.

Ecoflex systems can be MDI or TDI based, and offer a wide range of solutions including viscoelastic foams, high resiliency (HR) foams, hypersoft foams, polyurethane gels, slabstock foams and more. Eoflex foams also feature densities as low as 2.5 pcf (the lowest in the industry), and meet or exceed ASTM 3574 testing standards, as well as FMVSS302 and CAL 117 flammability requirements. Plus, they have excellent noise absorption qualities as well, making it ideal for acoustic foam uses.

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