hvacWith ever-increasing energy standards being imposed on HVAC equipment, manufacturers in growing numbers are turning to Foam Supplies for solutions. Our ecofoam™ rigid polyurethane foam systems not only provide needed thermal insulation, but also offer structural support and sound dampening properties for a wide range of products, including air handlers, ducts, rooftop units, louvers, dampers and more.

If you, like many in the HVAC industry, are new to the use of liquid polyurethane foam insulation, we can walk you through the process, identify and recommend needed equipment and help you test to determine if we can provide a solution that meets your needs. Just contact us today to start exploring your options.

Read this case study to see how we provided Trane with a solution that not only met their objectives, but also reduced their costs!

Equipment used in HVAC: SLUG, Spritzer.

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