Geotechnical Foams

Foam Trench BreakersPolyurethane foam trench breakers are quickly becoming the pipeline industry’s preferred method of in-ground installation. That’s because, compared to older methods for pipeline support like sandbags, polyurethane foam methods have proven to make pipeline installation faster, safer and less expensive.

Foam Supplies is proud to offer pipeline companies and contractors a wider variety of polyurethane systems with our Geotechnical Foams – TrenchBreak™, RapidTrench™ and FoamBreak™ – for making spray foam trench breakers, pipeline pillows and pads. That’s more choices than anyone else in the industry. Our foam systems are also designed to give you greater options, which means that no matter what type of foam system you prefer, and what type of equipment you use, Foam Supplies has a product that will fit your needs.

We also offer our FoamJack™ system for raising and leveling concrete in a wide range of commercial and residential applications.