Garage & Entry Doors

garage doorWe have vast experience helping all types of door manufacturers produce their products. For maximum thermal efficiency, our pour-in-place rigid polyurethane foam systems offer insulating properties that are unmatched by any other product or production method. And when our ecofoam™ – based on our ecomate®  blowing agent technology – is used, the resulting doors can be marketed as truly “green” products, because ecomate® doesn’t contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production. That can give your doors a real competitive advantage!

For doors insulated with boardstock, our OnePart moisture-cure adhesive offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for high-volume manufacturers — one that has been field proven for decades. Industrial strength OnePart is VOC exempt, formaldehyde-free and does not contribute to global warming or ozone depletion. Plus, it has a range of third party certifications for various testing requirements.

Equipment used in garage and entry doors: SLUG.