Boating & Marine

speed-boat-with-logoNo other company can match our successful 40-year track record supplying the marine industry with foam systems and dispensing equipment. We’re also proud to say that we are the only polyurethane manufacturer to offer the industry a proven environmentally friendly option with our ecomarine™ flotation foam. Because it’s made with our proprietary ecomate® blowing agent technology, ecomarine does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production (no VOCs), and is not a marine pollutant. It also complies with U.S. Coast Guard requirements under Title 33 CFR.

We also serve the boating and marine industry in a number of additional ways, including providing foam to insulate built-in coolers, live wells and more. We have even supplied foam to the U.S. Navy to insulate walk-in refrigeration units in aircraft carriers — with each carrier using more than 5 million pounds of foam. Barge owners also rely on our polyurethane foam for repairs and when additional flotation is needed. Plus, we also offer easy-to-use 2-part foam kits for “do it yourself” boat and dock repair. To learn more or to order, click here.

Equipment used in marine manufacturing: SLUG, Spritzer.

View the Marine Market Brochure.

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